Hi, I'm Eliza Conner, M.A., Founder & CEO of EJC ​Paralegal Services.I'm a Paralegal and Queen of Numb​ers. I've had over 20 years of experience in the indu​stry, helping individuals improve their credit to live the ​life of their dreams.

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If you had the EXACT BLUEPRINT to improving your credit ​reports what would your credit score look like?

I’ve helped hundreds of people increase their credit score ​and achieve financial freedom using personalized strategies ​and private 1:1 mentorship.

As a paralegal, dozens of people turned to me for assistance ​with notices from collection agencies.

About 6 years ago, I decided to add the credit restoration ​division to EJC Paralegal Services so I can help individuals ​improve their credit, through the use of federal law.

I believe in order to build a strong financial legacy, individuals ​at every level should have access to credit and meaningful ​mentorship.

Together, let's make your credit score rise to the top!

6 Months from now Your ​Credit Score Can Be on a ​New Level

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What You Get

6 Months of ...

  • Credit Restoration Done For You
  • Monthly credit focused mentorship calls
  • Detailed Credit Analysis
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Personalized credit hacks to improve your ​reports
  • Personalized credit card & loan ​recommendations
  • My Secret Lenders List
  • Weekly Credit Education
  • Learn how to hide utilization
  • Get access to trustworthy tradelines
  • Learn about travel & lifestyle perks through ​credit
  • L​earn ways to turn credit into cash

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  • $250 per month

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"My clients don't just walk away with higher credit scores, ​they leave the program with a access to more credit lines ​and financial resources to achieve their goals."

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Chris & Eric are twins and they do everything together! ​Even running a company and improving their credit. ​Checkout their experience with me.

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Write me – eliza@elizaconner.com