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Welcome to EJC Paralegal Services – your new legal ​BFF! We're all about making the whole legal ​document thing a breeze, whether you're a business ​whiz, a solo navigator, or an attorney extraordinaire.

What We're ​Awesome At:

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Criminal Records ​Expunge​ment & Sealing

Are you experiencing unfair treatment based on ​a mistake you made in the past? Leverage legal ​authority with court documents that will ​empower you to erase your mistakes and get ​the second chance you deserve.

Although all criminal cases do not qualify, there ​are many exceptions to what cases can be ​expunged or sealed and we’re here to guide ​you through them. Let’​s get you a fresh start.

Business Formation

Ready to kickstart your dream venture? We've​ got your back with top-notch business forma​tion services. Let's turn that dream into a le​gally solid reality!

Last Will and Testament

Planning for the future? Our expert team is here ​to help you craft a last will and testament that's ​as unique as you are. Because your legacy ​deserves the best.

Healthcare Directives

Taking charge of your health decisions has ​never been easier. Our healthcare directive ​services let you call the shots, ensuring your ​preferences are crystal clear.

Living Will

When it comes to expressing your medical ​wishes, we've got you covered with our living ​will services. Ensure your voice is heard even ​when you can't speak for yourself.

Power of Attorney

Need someone to have your back when life ​gets a bit too crazy? We'll help you prepare a ​power of attorney that puts your trust in the ​right hands, ensuring your interests are ​protected.

Small Claims Court ​Documents

When disputes arise, be prepared with our ​small claims court document preparation ​services. We streamline the process, ensuring ​that your case is presented professionally and ​accurately.

Credit Score ​Improvemen​t

Ready to give your credit a makeover? Our ​credit score improvement program is here to ​help you navigate the path to better credit ​scores, opening doors to new opportunities. ​We’ll assist you with inaccurate information on ​your credit file, paying off debt, and budgeting​ yo​ur way to a life of financial freedom.

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We're not just about papers and signatures; ​we're about making you feel confident and in ​control.

At EJC Paralegal Services, we're the friends you ​can trust to handle the legal nitty-gritty while ​you focus on what matters most.

So, ditch the legal jargon confusion, and let's ​make this whole document thing a walk in the ​park.

Feeling intrigued? Reach out, and let's chat ​about how we can sprinkle some legal magic ​into your life. Your stress-free legal journey ​starts here!

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